High energized fiber reinforced composites have revolutionized entire industries such as the Aerospace, Automobile, Construction, & Military because of it’s infinite applications & Unprecedented performance. Now it’s available in the POOL INDUSTRY. Only Alpha Pool Products composite panels utilize the same technology to hold back pool water.

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Composites are stronger!

  • NASA used composite in several space launch vehicles due to their extreme heat & cold resistance & structural strength.

 Composites are light weight & non-corrosive!

  • Composites are also being used by engineers when designing modern bridges as the material is light weight, non-corrosive, & has the ability to handle the tensile & flexural strength of steel. Seawalls around the world are being replaced with composite materials. Why? Because composites are 100% non-corrosive, salt friendly and are as strong as steel.

Composites are energy efficient!

  • Based on Thermoconductivity (w/m.k) or the transfer of heat & cold, composite materials rank as the best thermo insulators.
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About Alpha

Only Trivector Manufacturing Inc., manufactures high performance building materials for swimming pools under it's Alpha Pool Products brand. With offices and manufacturing facilities located in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana, Trivector's President and Executive Staff have been leading the swimming pool industry for over 27 years with over 15 patents and patent pending innovations and Industry "first's". With cutting-edge modern material technology and sophisticated manufacturing techniques and machines, only Alpha Pool  Products are designed, developed, and manufactured to outperform all other building materials used in swimming pools.

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