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You have not tasted the pleasures of hydrotherapy if you have not experienced a Escape Series hot tub by Cal Spas. The jets strategically placed on all seats help you get maximum relaxation while the «Air Venturi» buttons let you adjust the power of hydrotherapy jets.

› 4 seats & 1 bed
› 78” x 84” x 36” (198cm x 200cm x 91cm)
› 340 gallons (1,287 liters)
› 5,5 kW water heater
› 30 stainless steel jets
› 1 pump 5 BHP
› Standard acrylic: Sterling silver

Number of places : 5 Perimeter lighting Cartridge filtration 50pi2 Ozonator water treatment

Available Options

Choice of acrylic colors

Full insulation WiFi technology Lighted massage jets Bluetooth MP3
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Cal Spas N-630L Hawaiian Hot Tub

Cal Spas N-630L Hawaiian Hot Tub

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Thermo-Guard™ foam insulation

Thermo-Guard™ foam insulation

Cal Spas hot tubs insulation is made of high density polystyrene. This technology acts as a barrier between the hot tub's exterior cold air and the interior heat. This is an added value to your investment by increasing its energy efficiency.

Candy Cane™ massage jets

Candy Cane™ massage jets

Exclusive to Cal Spas, this technology ensures a continuous flow. It allows water to flow through the contours of the jets to ensure a continuous massage even while you lean on it.

Bio-Clean™ cartridge filter

Bio-Clean™ cartridge filter

Antimicrobial inhibitors on the surface of the hot tub filter prevents the growth of bacteria and produce a much cleaner environment. The filters are self-cleaning and reusable with light maintenance.

Cascade Waterfalls

Cascade Waterfalls

LED lights integrated with water jets and waterfalls add a romantic touch to the hot tub.

Cal Spas N-630L Hawaiian Hot Tub Shell

Sterling Marble

Pacific Rim Tuscan Sun Sterling Marble
Storm Clouds Midnight Canyon Mayan Copper
Midnight Opal Oyster Opal Nickel
Gypsum Cinnabar Sahara

Shell Colors

Design & Durability

The thickest support in the industry is featured in the structure of our hot tubs. Cal Spas uses a system composed of 7 layers of overlapping fiberglass, in addition to metal and wood reinforcements, to ensure structural integrity.*

Cal Spas N-630L Hawaiian Hot Tub Cabinet


Mist Coastal
Smoke Mahogany

Cal Preferred™ Cabinet

Unique protection

These highly sustainable panels are standard equipment on all Cal Spas hot tubs. They look like natural wood and are available in a wide range of colors that will go great with your outdoor decor. These panels bear the Cal Preferred™ brand and require no maintenance, and are completely waterproof. Better still, these panels will preserve the richness of their original colors for years to come, thanks to its UV protection.


This hot tub model comes with the Sterling Silver shell color. All other shell colors are optional.

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