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Pool Liners

Designed according to the highest standards in the industry, our selections of in ground pool liners are treated to resist UV rays, to limit possible damages from the sun and therefore add to the life of your liner.

With practically no maintenance, they are easy to clean and smooth to the touch.  The pool liners are fabricated from the best vinyls and treated with a special fungicide to eliminate bacteria growth. From rustic stone to a geometric or mosaic look, the in ground pool liners are available in a variety of elegant models to compliment any backyard and/or pool landscape.

Our 2015 selection continues in the trend of recent years with the introduction of motifs, with the upper part in dark colors, harmonizing with the more modern structure of new pools, which marry well with the more contemporary shapes of new homes. Moreover, the introduction of color with accents of beige and earth tones on the lower part of the liners (the part under water), gives the in ground pool the appearance of tropical water, with aqua accents

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