Sunrise Proflo 1700-DLX

The Complete Package 17’ offers all the benefits of The Complete Package 19’ but with a smaller footprint to accommodate your space. Experience the the training utility of a full-size professional swim spa with the relaxation and enjoyment of two Contoured Vertical Body-Massage Zones and two Hydro-therapy Seats. The 1700 DLX- Deluxe is 17 feet (571 cm) of pure excitement with 34 Hydrotherapy luxury jets built into each one. Enjoy interval training, cardio workouts and stress relief year-round in your own back yard. Proflo Swim Spas with Tru-Current® Dual Propulsion Technology are premium engineered and strategically designed to be the best built swim spas on the market today. With an expertly formed thick gauge EasyCare™ Lucite® cast acrylic multi-layered fiberglass shell supported by a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame, this professional luxury grade swim spa is designed to provide years of enjoyment and use by both family and athlete.

› 204″ x 92″ x 54″(517cm x 232cm x 136cm)
› 2,420 gallons (9,161 liters)
› 34 Hydrotherapy Jets
› Tru-Current® Dual Propulsion Technology
› One 5.0SPL Dual-Speed Jet Pump
› One Circulation Pump
› Two Tone Stainless Jet Trim
› EasyCareTMLucite® Acrylic with Fiberglass Shell
› Heavy Duty Support Structure and Polyethylene Cabinet
› Two Ergonomic Hydro-Therapy Seats
› Two Headrests
› Two Stand-Up Vertical Body-Massage Zones
› Balboa Control System
› High Volume Anti-Vortex Filtration
› 4Kw Heater
› Thermal Safety Cover

Circulation pump Ozonator water treatment Perimeter lighting

Available Options

UV water treatment system WiFi technology

Also available with standard options (1700 STD)

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User Guide

EasyCare™Lucite® Acrylic with Fiberglass Shell


The Sterling Marble colored shells are built using EasyCare™ Lucite® cast acrylic with multiple layers of hand-rolled fiberglass. Lucite® cast acrylic is a highly-engineered material that has built-in durability and performance. This gives our swim spa shells the following desired characteristics:

  • Resistance to superficial scratches, stains and everyday wear and tear
  • EasyCare™ qualities making cleaning quick and simple
  • Surface textures that feel comfortable against the skin
  • Resistance to harsh weather, UV and many household chemicals
  • Strength, durability and toughness to withstand frequent use

Hand-rolled fiberglass creates a low-maintenance, nonporous shell that is smooth to the touch.

Anti-Vortex Filtration

Anti Vortex

Filtering systems with highly effective water skimming processes assist in keeping your water clear and fresh. Our Anti-Vortex Filtration System draws a high volume of surface water across the teleweir, removing impurities and floating debris. The cage-style tower eliminates unwanted vortexing drawing air, causing cavitations. With an easily accessible basket and filter cartridge, cleaning is effortless.

Balboa Control System


Equipped for Wi-Fi, rust and impact-resistant housing and easy programming for use with long or short pressure.

Thermal Safety Cover


Thermal safety cover with fasteners and handles helps preserve the inside water temperature and protect your swim spa from outdoor elements.

PolySteel Cabinetry


Durable, maintenance-free PolySteel cabinetry completes the package providing a totally self-contained unit that can be placed just about anywhere. Our polyethylene cabinetry are UV stabilized to protect them from them from the long-term UV degradation effects of the sun. Choose from Barnwood Grey or Espresso Brown for an elegantly contained swim spa that fits beautifully in a variety of spaces.

Tru-Current® Dual Propulsion Technology

Tru Currant

At the heart of every Proflo Swim Spa is our patented Tru-Current® Dual Propulsion Technology, specifically designed to create a true fluid laminar flow that is double the width of single port swim spas. Using two synchronized, custom designed, energy efficient propellers, water is safely channeled through a lower intake chamber then accelerated through our patented directional tube diffuser to create a natural counter-current, allowing for a wider swim stream that results in greater lane control and optimal water flow resistance while you swim.

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About ProFlo

Each Proflo swim spa is fabricated with attention to detail. The goal was to build the best swim spa to date. Therefore, the engineers at Proflo determined four basic goals as a guide in planning these spas,

› Build it powerful enough for professionals to use it.
Build it strong enough to withstand heavy use.
Build it eco-energetically, simple to operate and easy to maintain..
Create options so that users can customize their swimming experience.

 With these goals in mind, Proflo designed a range of five professional swim spas, available in three sizes to provide you with the opportunity to choose the length of the lap, and the features and style that you desire.

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