Quantum LX

A pool designed with style and elegance in mind. A contemporary look with a wall height of 54 inches.


available sizes

  • 12' diameter × 54"
  • 15' diameter × 54"
  • 18' diameter × 54"
  • 21' diameter × 54"
  • 24' diameter × 54"
  • 27' diameter × 54"
  • 30' diameter × 54"


available sizes

  • 12' × 24' × 54"
  • 15' × 30' × 54"
  • 18' × 33' × 54"


  • Type: Resin
  • Height: 54"
  • Wall: Steel
  • Color: Pearl
  • Top seats: 9" Resin
  • Top seat connector: Resin
  • Upright: Embossed & reinforced
  • Top rails: Resin
  • Bottom rails: Resin


  • 60 years limited warranty
  • 5 years 100% and 55 years pro rata


pool pictogram

The pool wall is made from alkaline treated corrugated steel with a durable hot dipped galvanized coating. A Duratex 2000® anti-corrosion coating paint preserves the wall's finish and integrity. The inner surface is treated with a resistant polyester resin coating to prevent infiltrations.


pool pictogram

The Yardmore advantage has a new streamlined upright design that gives you more backyard space. The side supports of the oval pool protrude only 9”. 


pool pictogram

All the resin pool components are made of 100 % Synflex resin, a new generation of reinforced and improved polypropylene synthetic resin with ultraviolet stabilizer and antistatic. Developed in Canada, it is especially designed to resist all environmental factors.


pool pictogram

No worries, our resin above ground pools are compatible with all types of salt chlorinator system. 

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About Aqua Leader

We are proud to be associated with one of the largest North-American brand names in the design and fabrication of above ground pools; Aqua Leader. Founded in 1975, over the years this company has earned a reputation of quality and expertise. Its products, resulting from cutting-edge engineering, are adapted to our climate and are backed by a solid guarantee.

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